The Space Between
1 Columbus Avenue.
San Francisco, California

         Gallery And Museum Of                        Neighborhood Archaeology


We are returning to the The Maker Faire  Saturday May 17 and Sunday May 18, 2014 in sunny San Mateo California.
SEE!  Robots That Suck with NEW! IMPROVED! facial noises and light.
SEE! Miracle pounding Robots That Suck Tshirts and prints.
We'll be competing for attention with Joe Szuec and his new mechanical boy (sort of) genius David Scribbly who will give you your very own, eerily insightful Occupational Identity.
Last year we had to sit next to this: Joe Szuec's piano harvested robots, while simultaneously swilling soda and chowing on Gerard's Paella.
Not a bad deal.

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You can face us on Likebook to be kept abreast of upcoming events and random thought processes.
Or face us in reality and visit us in person on Friday evenings after 6pm.
Better yet, do both!

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              See what we've been up to lately-
New shots and new ideas from The Space Between Gallery at Flickr.

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Each day, one simple fact becomes more clear:
Dracula Titles Are An Important Component of Our Modern Existence And Our Technologically Savvy Society

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Christine Madrid French from The National Trust For Historic Preservation wrote this cool article about the Gallery and Chris Farris' painting and installation work at the Colombo building.

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Here's another great little piece about the Gallery and artwork from Marte Marie Forsberg from Norway, who ventured in while exploring San Francisco.
Sweet photos, too.

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Hallucinated Paintings!

Dreamstate Photography, Sculpture, and Drawings!

Yarn Theory- A video from the Broadway Tunnel! 

Victims Of The Future - A new Drawing-Mural in the Financial District!

Walls by Ancient Chinese Secretion.
Tile Floor from The Forgotten Lunch Counter.


Hey Pal!
Check out a collection of sacrosanct new images from the Gallery.


Celebrate another lucky day on the planet.
And while you're at it,
visit The Space Between Gallery to witness:

High minded examples of coincidence and chance.

When to Close Cover. Strike Gently.

Photography and Meandering Sculpture based in peripatetic surrealism and found wonders by Christopher Farris

A spanking new Spray Paint, House Paint, Kid Paint, Found Paint Mural featuring urban florabunda mingling happily with rainstorm decay and autumnal rebirth.

Unreliably staffed and unpredictably open in the space between 10:00 AM and 7:00 PM, any day. Call 415.359.6114 to determine status.

Made possible in part through the generosity of Luigi Barassi and The Colombo Building.
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